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Capilia Victoria came about as collaboration between 3 women who sincerely want to give hope to women struggling with hair loss issues.  Each has their own personal experience around hair loss, and because of those experiences envisioned a soothing space where women and men could come and talk in a welcoming private setting. The partners in Capilia Victoria have all been involved in the hair and hair loss fields for many years. Catherine has been a stylist and salon owner for more than 40 years and has been involved in hair loss prevention and solving hair loss for a number of those years. Many years ago Catherine saw the growing problem facing women dealing with many forms of hair loss. Medical, genetic, stress related to name only a few. And in typical Catherine fashion sought to learn more about hair loss prevention and solutions and create a safe, relaxed haven for women to come and talk about this very emotional issue. Kara has been a stylist for 20 years and specializes in educating clients about hair loss and hair loss prevention. She is our Trichology and scalp care expert and is constantly educating herself and her clients about scalp health and the role it can play in hair loss. Kara is multi-talented and heads up the Evolve hair replacement solution for women looking for a more permanent solution to hair loss. Leanna, has been working with the Alopecia community and women going through chemotherapy for over 17 years as the founder of Salon Revive. She has first-hand knowledge of living with hair loss as she has lived with alopecia universalis for over thirty years and became involved with chemotherapy patients while spending time with her husband in the cancer clinic. She opened a wig boutique at the cancer clinic and operated it for over 15 years, helping thousands of women navigate a difficult and emotional journey after their cancer diagnosis. In 2016 the cancer clinic sadly made the decision to terminate the wig boutique and Capilia Victoria has taken over the care of the women who will lose their hair whilst undergoing cancer treatment. Leanna ’s long time employee, Sheila, has also moved over to Capilia Victoria


Leanna Eastgate, Owner &Wig Specialist

For those of you who know me you may already know my story…..a life with no hair. For others, hello, my name is Leanna Eastgate. At the age of 20, I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata which eventually turned into Alopecia Universallis (total hair loss). My life changed forever. For the first 15 years I lived in a constant state of panic. Having no hair affected my being in every way. For the last 17 years my passion and work has been helping others who are seeking answers on hair loss solutions, be it temporary or permanent. Owning Salon Revive; has opened the gateway to the unknown, to the known, for so many, including myself, healing my self worth and sending me on a journey I never expected. I'm proud to say I have been part of this and will continue to do so. So many of you have been asking for more, with concerns that I have not been able to help you with, until now. Several years ago I made it my personal goal to provide the best possible service I can to anyone living with hair loss…..I'm extremely excited to announce Capilia Victoria, a professional centre that will offer hair loss prevention and hair loss solutions. Please take the time to visit the centre….you are worth it!

Kara Hanson, Scalp Health & Hair Loss Specialist

I am a recent arrival to Victoria from Winnipeg, and am so excited about joining Capilia Victoria. As a trained Professional Stylist with a background in Health and Wellness, I have been searching for a program that addresses the needs of the clients that have been in my chair. Eighty percent of our clients have fine and thinning hair and forty percent have scalp issues! Few, if any find the answers they need to allow them to deal with their hair and scalp issues. As we say here at Capilia, beautiful hair begins with a beautiful scalp. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve your needs.

about Capilia

Founded in 2005, the Capilia Group boasts more than 40 affiliated centres in Canada and in the USA. The essential reason for Capilia’s existence is to provide a feeling of fullness to our clients, thanks to our own network of experts who offer a global approach to hair loss.

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