We have real solutions for hair loss

A new
hair ritual
Give your hair the best of nature with this natural hair ritual that will bring out the beauty of your hair. Products are available exclusively in your Capilia center or in our online boutique.

The Capilia Natural Hair Care Ritual range brings you products bursting with high quality natural ingredients in formulations designed for the hair shaft.

  • Pamper your colored hair and preserve their color
  • Define your curls and make them bounce without weighing them down
  • Provide volume and shine to your fine hair
  • Stimulate vigorous hair growth
  • Eliminate waste and toxins from your scalp and hair
  • Deep clean your hair
  • Nourish your dry, brittle and dull hair
  • Tame your messy hair



Vitalia nutritional supplements are designed to provide all essential elements to the formation of hair and nails.

In addition to foster growth, it improves the appearance and texture, making hair silkier and brighter. The hair will therefore find its way back to volume, strength, beauty and vitality. This supplement also will prove beneficial for people suffering from localized hair loss.

Vitalia tablets are manufactured in Quebec under analytical control of the purity and concentration of active ingredients.

about Capilia

Founded in 2005, the Capilia Group boasts more than 40 affiliated centres in Canada and in the USA. The essential reason for Capilia’s existence is to provide a feeling of fullness to our clients, thanks to our own network of experts who offer a global approach to hair loss.

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