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If you are starting soon or have already started chemotherapy or cranial radiotherapy, you surely would like to know more about our all-inclusive Comfort program.

This program brings together all the treatments, products and peace of mind that you’ll need from the time you learn that you will lose your hair until it grows back.

Capilia offers complete privacy, individual attention and experienced staff who will support you through the whole process. We have thought of everything to help you get through this most difficult time comfortably.

Have you heard about
the Well-Being Care Kit?

This gentle care program will relieve your scalp and promote hair re-growth. It was designed specifically for those who undergo cranial chemotherapy or radiotherapy.


Don't worry, your hair system will be absolutely undetectable, from near or far.

Your new hair will be perfectly integrated to your existing hair for an even more natural-looking result.

The initial consultation with a Capilia expert is free of charge. We will be pleased to answer your questions!

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discover comfort,
an extensive program
designed for you

In people who undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, sebaceous glands and papilla activity is substantially reduced, which dries out the scalp and the body in no small measure, and causes temporary hair loss.

Thanks to the Capilia Centres’ exclusive Comfort program, we can alleviate the itching and discomfort of the scalp, and contribute to a stronger hair regrowth. The Comfort program includes:

  • A comfortable Capilia prosthesis, made of natural hair or synthetic hair, as well as the fitting, a cut, styling and reconditioning if required;
  • A transitionnal hair cut to prepare you for your hair loss;
  • Three (3) soothing cabin treatments to calm your sensitive and irritated scalp and to promote optimal regrowth;
  • One (1) Well-Being care kit to look after your prosthesis and your scalp

about Capilia

Founded in 2005, the Capilia Group boasts more than 40 affiliated centres in Canada and in the USA. The essential reason for Capilia’s existence is to provide a feeling of fullness to our clients, thanks to our own network of experts who offer a global approach to hair loss.

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